Our entire supply chain is ethical, fair trade and eco-friendly. We are proud partners with Indian artisan-owned cooperatives that provide livable wages and steady jobs while keeping the exquisite handloom weaving artistry and traditions alive.


Our home furnishings are luscious, luxurious and – best of all – life giving. NEEV, which means ‘foundation’ in Hindi, proudly partners with skilled Indian artisan weavers in handloom cooperatives owned and operated by them – a majority of which are owned and operated by women. All of our beautiful home furnishings are designed, hand dyed, and hand woven by remarkable Indian artists. NEEV’s entire supply chain is ethical, fair trade and eco-friendly and provides livable wages and benefits and steady jobs to artisans while keeping the exquisite handloom weaving artistry and traditions alive.

In order to be our partner, cooperatives must prove to us that they follow the Indian government’s wage and benefit rules providing a living wage, medical leave, pensions, retirement funds, bonuses and more. Child labor is strictly prohibited.

When you purchase NEEV products you also become an ethical partner because we give 50% of our profits to charities that reflect our ethos. Currently we’re sharing these profits between Power of Love Foundation to support women impacted by HIV/AIDS in Zambia.


NEEV is dedicated to reviving and expanding the ancient art of hand loom weaving, under siege in this era of cheap machine-manufactured fabrics produced by poorly paid workers. In our partner cooperatives in Kerala, India, traditional wooden looms are used for weaving textiles made of natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk. The yarns are hand dyed with natural, plant-based dyes through methods passed from one generation to another. Then the yarns are hand spun to form spindles for use on the looms. The skilled artisan then hand weaves these weft and warp yarns into beautiful fabric that rivals and in most cases, surpasses any machine-manufactured fabric. The weaving artistry and skills and the large wooden looms are generational treasures handed down over the centuries.

Watch our remarkable artisans at work: