In 2013, Dr. Ruksana Azhu Valappil founded NEEV, a luxe home furnishings company, out of passion and determination. Passion: increasing social and economic justice for underserved women worldwide. Determination: increase the pace of the unbearably slow progress of developing and implementing these fair-minded protocols

So she exited her career as a clinical research scientist studying Parkinson’s disease and launched NEEV, which means ‘foundation’ in Hindi, her native language. NEEV creates and sells sumptuous home furnishings and personal accessories, from beautiful window treatments and elegant table linens to chic scarves and bags.

All products are hand dyed and woven by skilled Indian artisans in cooperatives owned and operated by them. NEEV’s entire supply chain is ethical and eco-friendly and provides livable wages and steady jobs to artisans while keeping the exquisite handloom weaving artistry and traditions alive.

Currently NEEV is giving 50% of its profits to charities that reflect their funding goals, such as Power of Love Foundation to support women impacted by HIV/AIDS in Zambia.